This Week's Obsession: You Have Arrived!

This Week's Obsession: You Have Arrived!

When it comes to indulging in luxury or rewarding oneself, many women exhibit a tendency to delay gratification until they feel they have truly earned it. This behaviour often stems from a deeper desire to achieve significant milestones or goals before allowing themselves to enjoy the finer things in life.

The Psychology Behind Delayed Gratification

Research has shown that the ability to delay gratification is linked to higher levels of success and overall well-being. By resisting immediate rewards in favor of long-term goals, individuals demonstrate self-control, discipline, and a focus on the bigger picture.

The Allure of Luxury Brands

Luxury brands understand the psychology behind delayed gratification and leverage it to create aspirational marketing campaigns. The recent Chanel campaign featuring celebrities like Brad Pitt and Penelope Cruz, along with the iconic Chanel Flap bag, taps into consumers' desires for prestige, exclusivity, and achievement.

Turning Dreams into Reality

For many women, indulging in luxury items from brands like Chanel represents more than just a material purchase. It symbolises the culmination of hard work, dedication, and success. The CEO of Chanel's revelation that fans were eager for a full-length movie inspired by the campaign underscores the emotional connection consumers have with the brand. 

The hesitation towards immediate gratification among women is often a reflection of their deeper desires for accomplishment, recognition, and fulfilment. Luxury brands like Chanel play a significant role in fuelling these aspirations and turning dreams into reality. Moreover, for brands like Hermes or Chanel, their iconic status in the fashion industry also contributes to the allure and prestige associated with their products.
But for many, the cost of owning these items is prohibitive or unjustifiable. What if there was a better way to know and feel you arrived with the guilt, hassle or big investment.  This is why we founded More Luxury Club. We wanted women to feel empowered to have the luxury items they coveted without the high price or the impact on the environment.
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