This Week's Obsession: More Math

This Week's Obsession: More Math


 Forget 'Girl Math', More Math is Just so Much More

There is a good possibility that you have come across Instagram reels and TikToks hyping the concept of ‘Girl Math’ lately. This social media trend is all about justifying how girls think about numbers, finance, and money. From putting a humorous twist on not-so-practical budgeting habits, to highlighting how women’s minds calculate certain expenditures or financial transactions beyond the scope of logic; this trend has been creating conversations all over social media.

According to CNN, The problem with social media in-jokes is they don’t stay funny for long. Someone takes them too seriously, then they become overblown commentaries on society as a whole, and then a media outlet goes and writes about them and drives it all into the ground.

The concept of “girl math” is currently coasting through this process. The trend features women trading jokes about the internal calculations they make to explain their silly-but-sometimes-not-so-silly behaviour. It’s less “math” and more, say, an internal feminine logic, often opaque but always amusing. 

We say let Girl Math have its fun, we’re introducing More Math, which is just so much more.  

If you are a lover of luxury goods, then there is no better way to enjoy them on your own terms than with More Luxury Club.  

Have you ever experienced buyers' remorse after making a large purchase such as a designer handbag?  Or have you later realised that you spent a good deal of money on something that you don’t use very often.  Or you just don’t enjoy it as much now that the newness has faded? Or you purchase a designer bag and soon after you see a bag you love more?

We’re here to keep the love in your relationship with designer bags by reducing the total cost of ownership. Hence More Math!

 Imagine rather than spending £5,000 on a bag, you only spent £1,000.  What would you do with the remainder of the money? Let’s look at how the More Math works from 5 different personas:

designer bags for less

The Intelligent Investor:

Imagine rather than spending £5,000 on a bag, you only spent £1,000.  What would you do with the remainder of the money?

The Intelligent Investor might put that £4,000 in an investment vehicle that earns her an average of 7% per annum.  In 10 years she still has the bag but she now has £5322, even after paying the monthly club fee.  She’s enjoyed the bag for 10 years rather than being out of pocket £5000.    

The Savvy Bag Lover decides to be smart and rather than buy 5 bags outright she buys five shares. Let’s use the example of the bags available in this month's Fab5. Purchasing all five bags would cost £12,670 a purchase of 5 shares means you're never without a bag you love throughout the year, and you have saved almost £10,000. Imagine if you invested that! If you can only afford one bag but one more than one, More Luxury Club is ideal. 

The Jet Setter is now able to fund a holiday every time they purchase a share rather than a bag.  They get to have their coveted bags AND their holidays. 

The Sartorialist is now able to have the bag AND the outfit, as there is no tradeoff that needs to be made. This lover of all things fashion, can continue to expand their wardrobe every time they invest in a bag share rather than the bag itself. 

The Gifter can spread joy during the holiday season or any time while enjoying the gift herself. She can buy one share for herself and one for each of her friends and sister. They not only share the bag but share the stories of favourite events with the bag, trips the bag goes on and styling tips. Such fun! 

The Sharer buys shares in one or more bags but then loans them out to other club members when she’s not using them and recoups her investment. 

So, if you are someone who is sharing viral ‘Girl Math’ content with your besties or relating to those trending TikToks, then give our More Math some attention and you will realise what a sweet deal you can get yourself by joining More Luxury Club.