TWO: Making Special Occasion Designer Bags Affordable

TWO: Making Special Occasion Designer Bags Affordable

Who doesn't love a gorgeous evening or special occasion designer bags? The trouble is that they can be very expensive, especially for how often they get used.  The other problem is that special occasion wear comes in all colours depending on event and the season.  Often you buy yourself a new outfit only to realise you don't have the right bag.  Well that won't be an issue any longer. 

We are making the investment in these special designer bags more affordable with our shared ownership model.  Rather than invest in one special bag, you can now invest in five, as you only pay 20% for up to 10 weeks use per year, for as long as you own that share.

This is really brilliant, as you can match your special bags with your outfits and reserve them when you need them.  You can also borrow bags from other members of the community when they are not using their shares for a nominal fee.  You'll never be without that special bag for that special occasion! And with the money you save, you can go out on more special evenings or holidays.  And your bags can travel with you! 

Popular Evening and Special Occassion Bags

It used to be the Clutch was the ultimate evening bag - while still popular, there are so many other styles to consider.  Many clutches today are versatile - our favourite is this Miu Miu silver evening bag that can be worn as a clutch but comes with two different straps, one a fancy crystal strap (shown below) and the other a woven Nappa leather strap that matches the bag.  This iconic bag will be one you'll use for years to come and it's only £410 per share.  Here is the clutch worn by Lisa Armstrong OBE for the Telegraph, for her article, 

What I'll be wearing to weddings this year... and it's not a dress


miu miu silver evening bag

Miu Miu Iconic Crystal Cloqué Nappa Leather Bag

£2,050 Retail Value

£410 Share

Other popular evening clutches, come in all shapes, sizes in colours.  Here is a few of our favourites.  


Judith Leiber clutch under £1500

Judith Leiber Bow Crystal-Embellished Clutch

£5,275 RRP

£1,161 per Share



What is a minaudière? Simply put, the minaudière is a hard-cased evening bag typically made in oval, rectangle, or abstract silhouettes small enough to hold personal items. 

There are so many cool styles, our current favourites are these two by YSL.


YSL Metal Box Clutch

£2,560 RRP

£564 per Share

YSL affordable designer bag


YSL Miniaudiere Cage

£1,730 RRP

£380 per Share

Mini Evening Bags

Mini evening bags make so much sense as often you want to carry keys and lipstick.  For those who cannot be without your phone, some bags such as the Chanel mini bag, wont' work.  But it's so beautiful you might not mind. 

chanel mini evening bag

Chanel Mini Evening Bag

£6090 RRP

£1,339 per share


Chanel bag under £1500

Chanel Embellished Mini Flap Bag

£4,950 RRP

£1,089 per Share

Gucci Dionysus Super Mini Bag

£840 RRP

£185 per share 


Lady dior micro bag under £1000

Dior Micro Lady Dior Bag

£2,600 RRP

£572  per Share


Classic Handbags 

Some bags are just classic handbags that defy trends like the Chanel flap bag or the Fendi baguette, and we love the design and the glitz of this new Khaite  vintage-inspired handbag.  It's yours for under £600 and you'll have it forever! 


Khaite evening bag under £1000
Khaite Lilith Evening Bag under £1000


Khaite Lilith Bag

£2,630 RRP

£579 per Share

How to find a Vintage Evening Bag

Being a circular platform, we love pre-loved and vintage handbags.  Consider one of our favourite new bags, the Khaite Lilith is a vintage-inspired bag.

The fact is, vintage editions of designer handbags that are still currently in production are out performing their modern-day counterparts. Discerning shoppers don’t only want vintage-looking designs, they want actual vintage pieces.

There’s also no denying the remarkable quality of vintage handbags. They have quite literally stood the test of time. While designer handbags today are still made with quality craftsmanship, there’s no denying that vintage pieces were handcrafted to a unique standard that is hard to find in this day and age with increased production

Certain brands, as we have written  before, do appreciate in value.  We would suggest looking at Chanel and Hermes evening bags to start.  However, depending on your wardrobe, you may want to look into other popular designer brands, and some lesser known ones as well.  


vintage chanel bags

We're convinced that Judith Leiber bags like the Bow-embellished Clutch will one day be a vintage classic.  So investing now is a great idea. 

Because many vintage bags, still cary a hefty price tag, it can make sense to co-own them.  If you have your eye on one of these bags, let us know, and we will source it and find other co-owners for you to invest in.  We have many partners who can source authenticated vintage bags.