Top Tips for Safely Travelling with Your Jewellery

Top Tips for Safely Travelling with Your Jewellery

Packing jewellery for travel can be a real headache. Necklaces get tangled up, small earrings get lost in the depths of your bag, and you worry about your more delicate pieces getting damaged.

Before you even open your suitcase, it’s important to decide what jewellery you want to pack for your holiday.

You may base this around the clothes you’re taking, if you like to plan out your vacation outfits ahead of time, or perhaps you’ll have a few key pieces in mind that work for every occasion.

Our key advice when deciding what jewellery to take on holiday:

Keep it minimal: You don’t want to take your whole jewellery box away with you! Try and stick with a few versatile accessories that work for every style. Alternatively, select a set of daytime jewellery and a set of evening jewellery – so you can easily go from beach casual to evening glam.

Leave your valuables at home: However much you love that precious diamond necklace, it’s better off left behind! Whether your jewellery holds sentimental or monetary value, your most treasured pieces aren’t worth losing. If you’re unsure on whether or not to take something, just ask yourself: Could I replace this item?

Engagement/wedding rings: If you wear these 24/7, it’s possible that these would actually be safer if you take them away on holiday with you. Otherwise, as with all other expensive and irreplaceable jewellery, we would recommend leaving them at home (in a very secure place).

Please take care of your beautiful jewellery by either putting it in a travel jewellery box, a jewellery roll, and at minimum put them in individual pouches.

When travelling with your gorgeous jewellery please take into account the following:

If you want to save space in your luggage, then wearing your jewellery for the journey seems like a simple solution. It also means you don’t have to worry about any of your pieces getting lost or even stolen. And – as a final bonus – you can get your holiday glam on before you’ve even left the country!

When it comes to air travel, you should always pack jewellery in your carry-on bag. Checked luggage is more likely to get lost in transit, and you don’t want to worry about losing your valuables when you’re going on holiday. Don't ever put your valuables in your check in bag. Ever.

The good news is that it’s generally fine to wear jewellery through airport security, as long as you’re not laden down with bulky oversized pieces. Most jewellery – including necklaces, wedding rings and earrings – are absolutely fine to wear through the scanner. If the alarm does happen to go off, just be prepared to remove any jewellery if asked.

We don’t generally recommend taking your entire everyday jewellery box with you on your holiday – it’s way too bulky and cumbersome, especially for your carry-on bag!

But if you’ve got a travel jewellery box then that will work for a simple and efficient packing solution. It won’t be as space-effective as a jewellery roll, but if you’ve got the room in your luggage then it’s one of the easiest options there is.

Covett's Top Tips

1. Invest in a jewellery role or travel box, separate all diamond and gemstone jewellery from each other in small plastic bags to avoid damage.
2. Select pieces that are versatile and can be used with several of your outfits.
3. Make a list or better yet take pictures or video. You will thank us if anything gets lost and you need to file an insurance claim.
4 Check your jewellery insurance cover before you travel. If you don't have the right cover for loss or theft while traveling, update it before you go. 
5. Never put your jewellery in your checked baggage. Ever. Always carry it with you, either on your person, your purse or locked in your carry-on.
6. Use the safe of your hotel room to store your valuables. If your items are of high value, you may want to store them in the hotel's safe when it's not on your person.  Check this service is available before you travel. 
7.  Be cautious. It is always a good idea to wear your necklaces inside your blouse and turn your rings if too flashy at the airport. You don't want to be a target.
8. Add to your collection. Don't forget to buy a new piece of jewellery as a memento for your travels!

9. Finally, travel with your Covett pieces. We remove all the hassles of owning and caring for fine jewellery, so you just go and enjoy. No worries about insurance on your trip or care and maintenance when you return

Happy and safe travels, 
The Covett Team