This Week's Obsession: Summer Style Trends

This Week's Obsession: Summer Style Trends

The summer season is short, but the trends are plentiful for Summer 2022.  While Covid may have killed fashion trends once and for all, according to Vogue magazine - we still able to look at what's out there and come up with some definite trends that were gracing the runways.  Our favourite trend this summer is cut outs, we see them in a number of dresses, tops, and skirts - such fun! We have paired our favourite pieces of colourful jewellery to enhance these trends.  No more than ever a Covett Vault Subscription makes sense to add some brilliance to your favourite summer looks.  

According to Who What Wear - We are so excited about 2022’s summer trends. The overarching mood was one of real optimism, but where the previous season perhaps went into overdrive with the desire (desperation?) to get dressed up for even the most low-key of weekly grocery shops, the outlook for summer is that there is a time and place to be extra fabulous but still a strong demand and a necessity for easy, simple, luxurious, gorgeous clothes and outfits you can fling on in a hurry. There are places to go, people to see and the many ensembles to suit. So while on the one hand there's a very clear shift towards revealing, ultra-sassy, cut-to-here-and-slashed-to-there kind of dressing, there's also a very chic, understated antithesis at play. It speaks to a modern shopper's whims and natural inclination to change one's mind. Some days you might channel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in a classic, all-beige get-up and others be more Dua Lipa in a rad minidress and stacked platforms. We are complex characters, and our wardrobes, and favourite brands, must keep up. 

As fashion expert Lianne Wiggins, head of womenswear at MATCHESFASHION, explains, we are living through "the anything-goes mood of now," which means that the old tropes of things being "in" or "out" is in itself redundant. It means you can be as wild and adventurous as you like with your spring trends or, indeed, as basic as can be. Sit in the middle? Me too. Every personal style can be catered for in the summer 2022 fashion trends line-up. 

It was invigorating and inspiring to see runway shows return (almost) to normal, and "fashion moments" were plentiful, playful, and highly shareable, and as such, a few went viral. Balenciaga's Demna Gvasalia merged a runway and a fake movie premiere celebrity red carpet to celebrate the arrival of a new collection. In addition, the brand created a fashion take on a Simpsons episode. Gucci took over Hollywood with runway chocked with high-profile friends of the brand in extravagant costume-inspired pieces that wouldn't look out of place in a 1940s blockbuster. Chanel's '90s supermodel–inspired collection saw endless Instagram posts capturing sashaying models in monochromatic bikinis. Fashion fun was clearly back on the menu, and it was served up for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tom Ford alluded to a theory behind the more outré collections when he told Vogue Runway how Instagram has changed the game and made many people focus on how clothes translate into imagery, saying, "Photogenic clothes today by their very nature mean that they are not at all timid," and he was one of many designers to dive head first into loud colours, revealing cuts and high-shine finishes, all of which live very comfortably on screens and in a digital world of dress-up. In fact, one could draft the following as the blueprint for spring/summer 2022's more showy half: Loud! Bright! Daring! Revealing! If it's not turning heads or garnering likes, it's clearly not extra enough.

As influential as runways are, trends are not solely born on them. There was a clear direction coming from Gen Z and their social media platform of choice—TikTok—to be seen across the shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Youth is still currency in fashion circles but not necessarily in the same way as before: You don't have to be young to be hip, but you sure as hell can steal the outfit ideas and reference points of a younger generation. Nineties, noughties and even the 2010s have been plundered for inspiration, with many looks echoing the fashion choices shared on the likes of both TikTok and the coolest Depop resellers' accounts. No brand did it more authentically than Blumarine: The brand was known for its kitsch-cool back in the day, and now the look is ironically reflective of the archive. Looking for that denim butterfly top you owned in '99? Or how about those low-slung Miss Sixty–esque jeans? This brand is the ringleader for every person aspiring to that aesthetic and with unashamed dedication, too. 

And there's more! So much more, which is why we couldn't narrow it down to a main trend or two but instead have found 17 key looks, pieces, details and ideas that create the most important summer 2022 fashion trends, with expert insight to back them up.

Here are out top picks

1. Columns of Colour - Covett's favourite - hot pink, which we paired with another trend micro minis.

micro minis

Accented by Eva Gems & Jewels Extreme Measure Earrings and Alice van Cal's Rainbow Union Bracelet

2. Low Key Luxury - Covett's favourite - Row's wide leg caddy pants in off white.

3. Platforms for all - Covett's favourite - Versace La Medusa Leather Plateau Sandals in lilac. 

4. Co-ords or matching sets - Our favourite by Sir incorporates another trend

5. The Maxi is back

Co-ordinates and maxis

Complimented by Eva Gem's and Jewels Golden Blue Swing Earrings and Golden Hour Grand Bracelet

6. All things Sexy - We chose Cut-outs with this Valentino Little Black Dress


Valentino Black Cut-out dress


Pair with the Power Earrings and Bracelet from Myriam Soseilos.  

Our last favourite trend is Floral Mini dresses - although not mentioned in WWW or Vogue's list - we see them everywhere and we love them. 

Christian Louboutin Kate Shoes

We accent this outfit with Summer's Light opal and purple jade earrings by Le Ster and the Blue Opal and Diamond Eclipse Necklace by Alice van Cal

We hope you have a long, relaxing summer filled with your favourite styles.