This Week's Obsession: Female Gamechangers

This Week's Obsession: Female Gamechangers

Is there a better time for females to purchase jewels for their own satisfaction than on International Women’s Day? With this year’s theme being #breakthebias, jewellery purchases become one of the better ways to enhance women's empowerment. Previously, jewels typically stood for beauty and a gift from men to women. However, jewels nowadays have become a strong tool to showcase ‘girl power’ as every purchase signals women’s economic power and their capability to pursue things of beauty for themselves.
Every time a woman adds a piece into her own vault, her financial independence and self-esteem are boosted. By choosing jewels of different colours and shapes, women’s personalities have been perfectly highlighted. As each piece is sparkling in its own way, so do women, who are beautiful in totally different styles.

Notably, recent years have witnessed rapid change within the jewellery industry led by a bunch of pioneers who aim to bring benefits for women. These bold female entrepreneurs are using their own wisdom to break the bias.

Inject profit for female business

 Shilpa Yarlagadda, a 23-year-old senior at Harvard. Her company, Shiffon Co., makes ethically sourced jewellery to empower women, injecting a portion of the profits into the Startup Girl Foundation, the company’s non-profit arm that supports female-founded businesses through capital and mentorship.

 Create jewellery for Sustainable fashion

Meanwhile, Monica Vinader was one of the original brands to offer accessible luxury through pioneering the use of 18ct gold vermeil on solid sterling silver, and we really pushed the idea that you can buy your own jewellery (rather than wait to be gifted it) and wear it every day. What has become incredibly important to us is designing sustainably and providing ethically sourced and made products that retain that high-quality craftsmanship and accessibility that our customers have come to expect. 

When it comes to challenge in work, Monica Vinader admitted that she had to work that extra bit harder to prove myself as a woman. To overcome that, the key is building a group of people around you who help you grow as a person and a business. I hope when my daughter starts her career we will be a much more inclusive society, and that includes women. This question will be about people in business, regardless of gender.


Not only start-ups are shaping the industry, seniors at established enterprises are also fighting for women empowerment.

Pomellato’s CEO Sabina Belli launched the Pomellato for Women campaign in 2017, aimed at empowering women and offering support of female leadership. The ambassadors for the brand are very real women who have succeeded in a range of fields, led by the Italian businesswoman and model Chiara Ferragni. From red carpet moments with inspiring women like Jane Fonda or Cate Blanchett to supporting women's charities, Pomellato is committed to furthering the rights of women. 

That fundamental change is echoed by this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD). This year, the whole jewellery industry is celebrating IWD with donations to charity funds that support women growth. In the meantime, Covett is leading a sustainability revolution by introducing the latest subscription model. By signing as a member of Covett you are supporting the sustainability business of jewellery. Subscribe for the future beauty choice of all women in this world! 



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