12 Days of Christmas Interview with Rachael Taylor

12 Days of Christmas Interview with Rachael Taylor

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Rachael Taylor. I am a journalist specialising in jewellery, and I'm also co-founder of The Jewellery Cut, which hosts live jewellery shows in London and works to elevate emerging jewellery brands.Tell us about when you first discovered that jewellery was a passion?

Tell us about when you first discovered that jewellery was a passion?

Professionally, I fell into the world of jewellery by accident. I was a journalist and happened to get a job on a jewellery magazine. Soon, my working week was dedicated to researching jewels and gems, meeting with craftspeople and discovering exciting designers and stories, and I was hooked. The more I learned, the more I fell in love, and I continue to learn every day. Personally, my love of jewels seeded early, and I was a junior magpie whose adolescent gift list often included jewels that had caught my eye. I'm lucky to have had a mother who understood, and shared, my fascination, and who indulged me when she could.

Which piece of jewellery would you never be without during the holidays, and why?

It has to be a statement pair of earrings. With so many evening events at this time of year, it can often be a quick turnaround from the office or the school run to a party. Nothing assists that transformation quicker than the addition of a daring pair of earrings. My current go-to statement earrings include designs by Deborah Blyth, Elena Lara and Becca Jewellery.

Which piece of jewellery would you put under your tree… for yourself? 

I tried on the most fantastic earrings designed by Liz Lee earlier this year at a showcase of work by recent jewellery graduates from Central Saint Martins. The earrings are large, sculptural shapes in feather-light titanium that has been heat treated to turn it a gorgeous teal shade. Diamonds edge the swirling shapes, making them glisten from every angle. They are most definitely worthy of a festive wish list.

If you could share one piece of your jewellery with anyone - what would you share and with who?

I love the idea of jewellery being symbolic of family bonds, so I would choose my sister, Emma. She also works in jewellery, and helps me out at The Jewellery Cut shows, so she's a magpie too. Plus, I'd never be shy to tell her exactly when her time was up, and vice versa. As for what we could share, I imagine that would be a long, drawn-out discussion, but I love the idea of diamond line necklace, perhaps with a mix of cuts, as we both love to layer necklaces and that would be a truly special addition.


And which piece from the Covett Vault is first on your list to welcome 2022 with, and why?

I have long been enchanted by LeSter's fireworks-inspired earrings, ever since we selected the designer Aishleen Lester as winner of The Jewellery Cut Bursary (a prize to support exciting new talent) in 2019. The combination of stud and jacket, and the soft-pink sapphires and tourmalines are so beautiful - they are wonderful mix of edgy and elegant. Plus, what better way to ring in the new year than with your very own precious fireworks?