12 Days of Christmas Interview with Susi Smither

12 Days of Christmas Interview with Susi Smither
  • Please introduce yourself. 

Hi, I’m Susi Smither aka The Rock Hound. Self-confessed gem geek proud to make award-winning jewellery with social impact.

  • Tell us about when you first discovered that jewellery was a passion? 

I’ve always been around rocks as my parents collected minerals and loved crafting for as long as I can remember but it wasn’t until I did a short course at Central Saint Martins back in 2007 that something clicked. Making my first silver ring I totally fell in love with the systematic process of making jewellery tapping into something innate within me and decided to make a complete career change.

  • Which piece of jewellery would you never be without during the holidays, and why?

For the holidays I like to turn everything up to the max but as I’ll be cooking I tend to take my rings off so a big statement necklace like my Molten Muzo Candelabra. Instant glamour. 

Muzo Emerald necklace

  • Which piece of jewellery would you put under your tree… for yourself?  

Cartier’s Flamingo Brooch owned by Wallis Simpson, whimsical with breathtaking craftsmanship. Sigh.

Cartier Flamingo Brooch, Wallis Simpson

  • If you could share one piece of your jewellery with anyone - what would you share and with who?

It would have to be the one and only Prince. He would have totally loved my Chromanteq Purple Geodes which I would convert to an epic low-hanging pendant just for him. 

Chromanteq purple geode earrings

  • And which piece from the Covett Vault  is first on your list to welcome 2022 with, and why?

It’s got to be the Chromanteq Yellow Geode earrings. Fresh, bold and zingy….just what we hope 2022 will be.