12 Days of Christmas Interview with Nick Tolfree

12 Days of Christmas Interview with Nick Tolfree

Please introduce yourself

My name is Nick and I am currently business development manager for Backes & Strauss. I have always had a fascination with jewellery and watches since an early age and have been involved in throughout my whole career.

Tell us about when you first discovered that jewellery was a passion.

I grew up in a small town and remember walking past the local jewellers, there was a goldsmith in the window and I used to watch him after school. Eventually I went in and spoke to the owner who took me on to work weekends and a couple of evenings a week I sat with the goldsmith learning the basics. Eventually I guess I found the selling of jewellery more enjoyable, it was fun meeting new people and being part of, often very happy moments in their lives.

Which piece of jewellery would you never be without during the holidays, and why?

I guess this is an easy one, I work with watches mostly now and have always loved wearing them although I don't get really attached or sentimental to items I never leave home without one.

Which piece of jewellery would you put under your tree… for yourself?

I love independent watchmakers and to own something very special that is produced in small quantities would be the perfect gift for myself. Two brands in particular that I like are Habring2 and Kurono Tokyo.

Habring2 watches Kurono Tokyo Watches

If you could share one piece of your jewellery with anyone - what would you share and with who?

Sadly I don't really own much jewellery and even now don't own many watches and the only one that really has sentiment is my dad's watch which I actually share with mum. Mum wears it most of the time but if I have an event or something not related to my day-to-day job, where I represent our brand, then I like to wear dad's old watch.

And which piece from the Covett Vault is first on your list to welcome 2022 with, and why?

That's actually an easy one although it would be from the co-ownership collection and of course one from Backes & Strauss, the Rose Gold Berkeley 43 Renaissance, it is such an elegant timepiece with a little art deco inspiration which I love!