This Week's Obsession: Why More?

This Week's Obsession: Why More?

People often ask, "Why did you decide to name the company More?"  In some ways it's not the obvious choice, because More, or conspicuous consumption, is at the heart of the problem with luxury fashion. Conspicuous consumption refers to the consumption of goods and services primarily to display social status rather than to satisfy genuine needs. Our desire to have More, to stay up with the latest trends, and to elevate our status has had an unintended consequence for the planet. It has created a vicious cycle because the luxury goods companies  need to continually sell us More to drive sales and profits. 

We wanted to deliver More because we also realised that we, and so many others, derive confidence and joy from wearing beautiful items that are part of our self-expression.We also realised that while many of us loved and coveted these items, they were becoming more expensive and we felt conflicted about buying more.  

More Luxury Club is our solution to these two issues, to be able to have the luxury goods we covet, without the high expense or impact on the planet.


Founders Cynthia Morrow and Shika Bodani wanted to bring the joy of More to consumers without the high expense or impact to the planet.


How can sharing make luxury more sustainable?

Sharing luxury goods can contribute to making luxury more sustainable in several ways:

  1. **Extended Product Lifespan**: Sharing luxury goods through co-ownership or leasing platforms extends the lifespan of products by allowing them to be used by multiple individuals over time. Instead of sitting unused in closets, luxury items continue to be utilised, reducing the overall demand for new production and minimising waste.  At More, we add all the services that ensure your items are kept in pristine condition, therefore extending their lifespan AND retaining their value. 


  1. **Reduced Overconsumption**: Sharing platforms promote a more mindful approach to consumption by offering access to luxury goods without the need for full ownership. This can help curb overconsumption and impulse purchases, as consumers can rent items for specific occasions or periods without committing to long-term ownership.


  1. **Resource Efficiency**: Sharing luxury goods maximises the utilisation of resources and materials used in their production. By circulating items among multiple users, the environmental footprint associated with each product is spread across a greater number of wearers, making more efficient use of resources and reducing the need for new production. And they don't sit collecting dust, when 80% of the money invested could have been used more wisely. 


  1. **Access to Higher-Quality Items**: Renting or leasing luxury goods provides consumers with access to higher-quality items that may be financially inaccessible for full ownership. This allows individuals to experience luxury without the need for excessive consumption, fostering a more sustainable and inclusive luxury market.


  1. **Encouragement of Circular Economy Practices**: Sharing platforms like More Luxury Club facilitate the transition towards a circular economy by promoting the reuse and repurposing of luxury goods. After each use items are cleaned, repaired (if needed), and out to the next co-owner  creating a closed-loop system that minimises waste and maximises value.  And shares can be sold on our marketplace, again and again, until they become the vintage pieces of tomorrow. 


  1. **Community Building and Social Connection**: Sharing luxury goods can foster a sense of community and social connection among users. By participating in sharing platforms, individuals can engage in collaborative consumption practices, share experiences, and reduce the pressure to constantly acquire new possessions for social validation. This is really the best part - people can come together to make decisions about which pieces to invest in or which ones to borrow from other members because they are not currently being used.  


Overall, sharing luxury goods offers a sustainable alternative to traditional ownership models, promoting resource efficiency, reducing overconsumption, and encouraging a more inclusive and mindful approach to luxury consumption. By embracing sharing platforms, both consumers and luxury brands can contribute to a more sustainable future for the fashion industry. And be More savvy with their money. It's a win for everyone involved and the planet. 

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