This Week's Obsession: Why Choose?

This Week's Obsession: Why Choose?

In a world where abundance reigns, there is no need for tradeoffs. With an abundance mindset, the possibilities become endless and the limitations imposed by trade-offs disappear.


When it comes to investing in a designer bag, the decision can feel daunting, especially when considering the substantial cost involved. Trade-offs are a common occurrence, where choosing one option means sacrificing another. In the realm of economics, these trade-offs are evaluated based on their opportunity cost, which represents the value lost by choosing one path over another.


The dilemma of investing in a designer bag becomes more complex when we consider the potential tradeoffs involved. If we opt for a particular bag now, we may miss out on acquiring another coveted piece later. Similarly, choosing to splurge on a bag might mean cutting back on other expenses, such as a holiday or another luxury item. The fear of making the wrong decision looms large, amplifying the perceived risk associated with these choices.  How can we de-risk these purchases and assuage our doubts? By sharing, of course.

A top concern when investing is missing out on the next coveted item. With More Luxury Club, you can spread your money throughout the year or years as new bags come on line.  It can then allow you to put together new looks as you add outfits to your wardrobe.  

It can also allow you to experiment with bags you might not have even thought about, or colours you normally wouldn't purchase for fear you might not use it enough to get your money's worth.  These fears can all be put aside when you own your designer bags in the More Luxury Club

One of our community members considers cost per wear when thinking about investing in a designer bag.  Let's look at how this might work.  Let's say you want to purchase one of the Fab5 bags from this month's drop.  


This highly coveted Bottega Veneta East/West Mini Tote retails for £3410.  Let's say in the first two years you wear it 140 days.  Your cost per wear of the purchased bag is £24.35 per day.  The share purchased via More Luxury club costs you £750 so your cost per wear is £10.72 per day.  And you have £2660 to spend on many other things.  

And with More for a small monthly charge of £12, you bag is insured, cleaned, maintained, repaired if needed and delivered. We believe it is the future of how people will own and enjoy luxury goods in the future. 

WhatsApp us if you have questions or visit our How it Works page to learn more.