This Week's Obsession: What's Your Magic Number?

This Week's Obsession: What's Your Magic Number?

"How Many Bags is too Many Bags? 

That was the questions asked by Purseblogs' Senior Managing Editor, Kaitlin Serio, followed up by "Is there such a thing?" 

We decided to do some digging and while Kaitlin settled on 15 with a little wiggle room as her sweet spot or magic number, the consensus online seemed to be 9.  However, of the 53 comments on her blog, some people said they had over 100, while others seem to think their magic number was somewhere between 8-20.   

Obviously the answer is, "It depends." You really have to look at your motivations for creating a collection.  For us it's all about the joy of styling and wearing these beautiful creations.  So if that is your motivation as well, then we believe the number depends on whether you own them outright or co-own them.  And we believe you should do both, the mix of which will depend on your lifestyle,  your budget, your intentions, and your views on sustainability. 

Here are some considerations to help determine what might be right for you:

1. **Lifestyle Needs**: Consider your daily activities and special occasions. If you have different roles (professional, social, casual), having a few bags to suit each context might be beneficial.

2. **Versatility**: Aim for a collection that covers various needs:
- **Everyday Bag**: A practical and durable bag for daily use.
- **Evening Bag**: A smaller, elegant bag for formal events.
- **Casual Bag**: A relaxed, easy-going bag for weekends or casual outings.
- **Travel Bag**: A spacious, secure bag for traveling.

3. **Budget**: Designer bags can be expensive, so your budget plays a significant role. This is one area where it may make sense to co-own the bags you wear on rotation.  For the price of 1 designer bag you can co-own 5 different ones, forever or until you choose to sell your share.  The savings in insurance, maintenance and repair alone will surprise you. 

4. **Personal Style**: Your fashion preferences influence how many and what types of bags you might want. If you enjoy variety and frequently change your look, a larger collection might be fitting, and again we recommend own the ones you wear weekly, rent the ones you wear once, and for all other co-own them and have them when you want them. 

5. **Investment**: Some people view designer bags as investments. If this is your approach, consider the potential resale value and the timelessness of the designs you choose. Another area where co-owning is so smart - see our blog on designer bag collecting meets More Math.  

6. **Storage Space**: Ensure you have adequate storage to keep your bags in good condition. Overcrowding can lead to damage and make it harder to maintain your collection. One more reason to co-own the bags you wear on rotation.  With More Luxury Club, your bags come and go when you want them and when they are not with you, they are with another co-owner or undergoing maintenance to stay in pristine condition - no storage required! 

One word here on more sustainable options to own your designer bags. Many of us worry about the future of our planet, however we don't want to give up on our fashion fix. Consider finding your magic number and then using a combination of ownership, co-ownership, rental and resale to make it as sustainable as possible.  You can practice of the rule of 5 (buy only five new fashion items per year) with sustainable solutions like More Luxury Club.  Where having shares in 5 bags is equal to purchasing 1 new item. Pure Genius  -- save money and help save the planet.

Welcome The Hermés Evelyne bag

A riding bag becomes an Hermés favourite

The Hermés Evelyne bag was created by the head of the Hermès riding department, Evelyne Bertrand, in 1978. It was initially created as a convenient carryall for horse groomers. The defining perforated H logo was originally designed to face inward, towards the body, as a ventilation system to aerate the contents of the bag and keep brushes and sponges dry. The Hermès Evelyne was used exclusively by the riding department until the early 2000s when the bag was officially transferred to the leather goods department and began production for Hermès bag lovers to add to their collections. Many would describe this bag as casual and durable. 

Hermès Evelyne TPM is also known as the Hermès Evelyne Mini since it is the smallest size of the Evelyne. The Evelyne TPM is 16cm wide and 18cm long and can hold a phone, small compact wallet, keys and a few other small essentials. Its strap is long enough to wear as a cross body. The interior is unlined and there are no interior pockets. The minimalist design is instantly recognisable and popular with established collectors and a new generation of Hermès bag lovers.  

For the first time since we launched, there is an Evelyne in our Fab5, in a beautiful shade called Texas Rose. 


This brand new bag can be yours for just £700. It won't be available for long so add it to your collection. And if you love the lighter pink one (Sakura), vote her today. 

Love It or 'Hate' It   -  Dior Embraces Dark Glamour for Cruise 2025

In true Maria Grazia Chiuri fashion, Dior unveiled its Cruise 2025 collection amidst a stunning backdrop. This season, Dior travels to Scotland, presenting at Drummond Castle and Gardens.

Nods to House history appear throughout the collection. Chiuri masterfully keeps Mr. Dior’s influence alive, blending it with modernity and seasonal inspirations. The show’s location pays homage to Mr. Dior’s 1955 fashion show at Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland.

Scotland’s rich textile heritage is showcased, with Harris Tweed® featured in wrap dresses and tailored garments inspired by classic kilts. Chiuri designs with realism and wonder, transcending the ordinary. The collection is romantic and punk, dark yet glamorous. Dior classics like the Bar Jacket are revitalised, while knits incorporate centuries-old expertise and a map of Scotland from the Dior archives.

Bags, including the Saddle, Bobby, Lady Dior, and the new Toujours, feature punk-glam finishes like studs and rivets. Dior guitar straps add edge, showcasing distinct hardware accents that complement the collection’s overall vibe.


We have to say we certainly didn't love the collection, but we liked the new renditions of the Saddle Bag.  Overall a bit to punk-glam for us, especially for a Cruise Collection, no?