This Week's Obsession: The ETRO Vela bag

This Week's Obsession: The ETRO Vela bag



Etro’s roots date back to 1960s Milan when Gimmo Etro founded the House, which began as a textile company in 1968. Given its heritage, it’s unsurprising that Etro gained notoriety almost overnight for its elegant prints and quality products. Introduced in 1981, its paisley pattern quickly became synonymous with the brand. Over time, it has been reimagined and revived in many ways, from new colour variations to intricate patterns. Paisley remains integral to the Etro DNA, as does the brand’s distinct logo: a winged horse Pegaso motif.

For Spring 2023, Etro introduces the eye-catching new Vela bag, Marco De Vincenzo’s first bag for the House. Unlike Etro’s previous print-forward handbags, the Vela is a true foray into the world of leather goods. Different from anything the brand has done in past seasons, the Vela bag is free of prints or the studs and embellishments that have defined the brand’s accessories over the years. Described as an aerodynamic shape, the bag’s silhouette draws inspiration from the nautical world, mimicking how a sailboat cuts through the wind. The Vela’s unique shape feels fresh and modern, unveiling a whole new chapter for the House of Etro.

Constructed of leather cut into panels, the bag’s body is semi-structured, but the softness of the leather remains. Lined in suede and finished with molded gold fastenings and metal feet, the Vela is defined by its distinct, clean lines and a two-sided medallion detail showcasing the double ETRO and Pegaso logo.

We love everything about this bag including the shape, the soft leather and the myriad of colours it comes in.  This spring why not choose a light blue like the one we have on offer, which is the Medium Vela . It makes so much sense to co-own a seasonal bag or ones in colours you don't wear often.  Why pay full retail when you will only use the bag on occasion? 

This model can be carried by hand or on the shoulder thanks to the detachable strap and handle. This piece stands out for its distinctive metal fastening and the medallion bearing the logo and Pegaso symbol engraved using the same technique used to mint coins. Features a convenient zipped clutch inside.

This year ETRO introduce the mini Vela in an array of dazzling colours.  Including this brilliant orange.  Let us know if you'd love to have one as we're happy to source it! 

etro vela bag on sale

The Chanel Classic Flap with a twist?

Chanel classic flap for less


Most everyone on the planet is familiar with Chanel's Flap bag, which was launched in  February 1955. This bag was named the Chanel 2.55, after the date of its creation. Before the 50s, women usually carried bags in their hands, this was the first time they could carry their bags on their shoulder.  

This original 2.55 has been redesigned multiple times over the years, but the redesign in 1983 is most important to understand the difference between the 2.55 and the Chanel Classic Flap Bag. Karl Lagerfeld changed the classic square twisting lock of the 2.55 (known as the Mademoiselle Lock), to the iconic interlocking CC clasp. Most people tend to buy the classic versions in black, white, and beige.  

We fell in love with a tweed version of the bag which you can still own a share in.  However, the team is split on this month's version of THE ONE. Some of us feel that the sequins mixed with the lettering is a bit over the top - some of us absolutely love it. 

Chanel cruise collection for less

Where do you stand?  If you love it, buy your share now, as it will only be available this month.


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