Frequently Asked Questions

Co-ownership is the intelligent way to own assets that have low utilisation. Luxury jewellery is an asset like a car, house, yacht, jet, racehorse. Co-ownership allows for the joint ownership of these assets without making the full investment. Rather than spending a large amount of money for a designer bag that isn’t worn frequently, you have access to your bag when you want to wear it AND you can have access five designer bags for the price of one.

For bags that our currently not yet purchased by our team. We take a 25% deposit of your share.

Once the bag is fully subscribed we will reach out to you to pay the balance and schedule your bag's first visit.

We remove all the hassles of traditional ownership of luxury goods so that co-owners just enjoy their items. The service fee is set based on the retail price of your bag and can be paid monthly or annually. The minimum fee is £12 per month.

The club fee covers insurance, cleaning, storage, delivery, and maintenance. Delivery is included up to 6 times per year. If you choose to have the bag more often, than you will pay the additional fees.

One More share provides access to your piece for its lifetime. Schedule access to your piece on our website and in the future, from our app. You can schedule dates (up to 90 days in advance) to access your luxury items(s) up to 10 weeks per year, this can be scheduled in 1 to 4-week intervals.

The other time, your gorgeous bag is being enjoyed by one of the other co-owners or having routine maintenance. Your bag will be delivered and collected on the specified start and end dates.

This is what makes More so special. We work with you to make sure you can sell your shares easily. Simply get in touch with our team at and we will assist you in selling it on our platform. In the future you will be able to post your piece on the marketplace for sale in our app.

Whether you're looking to trade up to another item or benefit from the price appreciation in your asset, this is the smart way of owning luxury goods.