This Week's Obsession: The French Riviera

This Week's Obsession: The French Riviera

The French Riviera was the very first place I saw jewellery being worn at the beach .... whilst sun tanning. As a gem expert, now I cringe a bit at thinking of emeralds and other gemstones being slathered in suntan lotion and wonder if any of those bronze coloured ladies got 3rd degree burns from the metal getting too hot.

It was also the first place I saw ladies in bathing suits covered with jewellery ( I am not referring to your wedding ring or other everyday items, but proper statement jewellery) wearing heels at the beach. My mind was blown, but as a little girl I was wrapped up and in love with such glamour and I will forever think of the French Riviera as the epitome of glamour, fashion and the best place where to show off your jewellery.

This promised land of beauty and riches extends from Cassis to Menton. Here more than anywhere, the sun shines on the silver-blue, sparkling Mediterranean. Here more than anywhere, the palaces are splendid and the hill-top villages superb. Here more than anywhere, there is a festive atmosphere and a buzzing nightlife.

It was during the 19C that this part of the south of France was put on the map with the arrival of wealthy British, Russian and even French visitors who came to “winter” on the Riviera. These visits became a habit and gradually the towns and fishing villages in the area adapted to the new inhabitants. Soon, towns such as Cannes, Nice and Monaco were home to magnificent villas, flamboyant casinos, and splendid botanical gardens – and the idea of the French Riviera was born.

As the years passed, this fascination with the south of France continued to grow, extending over time to much of the coast – towns such as Cassis, Bandol, Antibes, Grasse and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat were soon developed in their turn. Wealthy aristocrats were gradually replaced by film stars and other celebrities, while at the same time the creation of the International Film Festival in Cannes consolidated the glamorous and luxurious image of this stretch of coastline. During the 1950s, with the help of Brigitte Bardot, the small fishing village of Saint-Tropez became “the place to be”, soon developing the international ambience that we associate with the resort today.

The Côte d’Azur is a wonderful place to visit. Although the beaches may be a little more crowded, the water is still stunningly blue and the coast still bathed in sunshine. Perched on the hills behind the coast, the villages of Biot, Gordio, Saint Agnès and Saorge offer a picturesque vision of the region and remind visitors of the rich diversity of this Provençal paradise.

This is definitively not the place you want to forget to take your jewellery, however if that were to happen there a plenty of haute joalleries and jewellery stores that are more than happy to provide that extra sparkle to this dazzling place.

Ten Fun Facts about The French Riviera

  1. Cote d’Azur is simply a nickname.
  2. The total population in the French Riviera is roughly 2 million people.
  3. About $5 billion is spent here, annually.
  4. The French Riviera boasts 300 days of sun per year.
  5. The famous Monte Carlo Casino is not open to everyone. 
  6. No Food is served in restaurants between 2 pm and 7 pm.
  7. Three-Quarters of the world’s perfume are produced here.
  8. It is home to the third busiest airport in all of France.
  9. The French Riviera is home to the most expensive villa in the world (as of Feb 2021)
  10. The French Riviera is the second most popular holiday destination in France.

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Covett Co-founder Elsa Navarrete

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