This Weeks Obsession: Mothers and Daughters

This Weeks Obsession: Mothers and Daughters

Still remember those moments when you stood out from the crowd because of one special dress or a unique necklace? Seeing traces of your mother's style as you get ready to go out? Mothers are always the first fashion guide every girl has since they are a little girl.

With mother’s day approaching, follow our nostalgic journey to see how you elevated your fashion taste with the support from the most important woman in your life.

Covett's founder Cynthia Morrow, got her love of fashion and jewellery from her mother Lucy.  Lucy loved Hollywood glamour, the Kennedys and everything bling.  "To this day I have trouble buying clothing that isn't black and white. I am so attracted to it because monochromatic was my mother's favourite. When it came to jewellery, Lucy really loved diamonds, and that harkens back to the Hollywood glamour days.  If you look at my jewellery collection, you will find mostly diamond pieces. And let's not talk about hats...."

Mother as First Fashion Icon - Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger

Jerry Hall, a legendary supermodel defined the high-octane glamour of the 1970s – the American appeared on the cover of British Vogue’s May 1975 issue, and went on to grace several more Vogue covers during that decade. Her daughter, Georgia May Jagger inherited her talent and the unconditional love that is best represented by the impeccable jewels.

The time spent following her mother’s footsteps and appreciating fine jewellery was the secret precious time that only stayed between mothers and daughters.
The quality and values are also being passed down by the gracious mother. For Hall, the most important thing you can teach your children is “thoughtfulness and kindness to others” she says. “And I’m very proud of all my children for being so sweet and kind to everyone.”

Tennis Star's Jewellery Collection Inspired by Daughter - Serena Williams and Olympian Ohanian

Serena Williams, the tennis superstar recently launched a jewellery collection inspired by her three-year-old, Olympia.  The "By My Side" collection ranges from diamond lock and key necklaces to matching mother and daughter earring studs, with each piece celebrating their love and special bond. It’s jewellery for the moms and daughters who love each other through the highs and lows, and everything in-between. Because life is better when you’re "By My Side".
"We keep going, I am so proud and inspired by the women who do it day in and day out. I’m proud to be this baby’s mama," Serena said.

Shay Jewellery Company Co-founded by mother and daughter - Ladan and Tania Shay

Moreover, some people are not satisfied of sharing fashion tastes only at home.

Unlike other brands with a design team or single point of view, SHAY is equal parts Ladan and Tania – two innately stylish women from different generations. While their aesthetic is remarkably similar, they enjoy working in tandem to ensure that every piece is perfectly wearable for women of all ages.

With a high demand for SHAY jewels, the brand expanded overseas and in the United States, selling to luxury boutiques and popular retailers like Browns and London Jewellers.

The mother-daughter team pride themselves on designing each collection from a point of view of two different generations and enjoy “working in tandem to ensure that every piece is perfectly wearable for women of all ages. When asked what it was like growing a business together, Ladan said, “It’s second nature for us. We love spending time together and have managed to incorporate business into pleasure with amazing travel. "Whether it’s trips to Paris, Asia or something relaxing and tropical, we find inspiration wherever we go. For example, one of our most recent trips was to the Middle East, and after observing all of the amazing talismans there, we wanted to incorporate our own version of an Evil Eye into the collection.”

Mother's Day Gift's by the Numbers - Top 10 2021

1 Tory Burch Miller Sandal
2 Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lite Ribbed Robe
3 Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir Home Candle
4 NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device
5 Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Socks
6 La Mer The Lifting & Firming Cream Face Mask
7 Wolf Caroline Travel Jewellery Case
8 Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase
9 Jennifer Zeuner Eliana Locket Necklace
10 Nordstrom Beacon Leather Tote

Still hesitating about what gift to give? While a Covett Vault Suscription didn't make the top 10, we're sure that's because the word hasn't spread far enough yet.  Covett provides a lavish gift at an affordable price where your mother can choose the jeweller pieces she wants to borrow and enjoy.  Covett, designed for the women who deserve the best in the world!

Picture Your Mother Wearing These

Ouroboros - Where the Light Shines Through Pendant 

The Rock Hound - Chromanteq Double Yellow Geode Earrings

Karen Phillips Diamond Cluster Moon Earrings

Covett Stretch Diamond Cuff Bracelet

Myriam Soseilos The Power Bracelet



Serena Williams --“Being a mom is super important, but also being a leader so my daughter can look at me and say, ‘This is what my mom did, I aspire to do that, and I want to be better... it’s really important to me to inspire the next generation because that’s what the future is,"













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