This Week's Obsession: Individual Style

This Week's Obsession: Individual Style

By Elsa Navarrete

As a certified gem lover who could care less about fashion it might confuse some of you that I would dare to write this blog but please hold the outrage for a moment and read on.

Just like I am not a fan of copy cat gems, I would think most women would hate to be just copycats of whatever fashion magazines feed you to be the “in look du jour”. You don’t want to be one of a million other women who dress like those fashion magazines dictates, rather I think you would want to be one in a million – distinguishing yourself by your own sense of style.

I have seen many fashions come and go, from psychedelic knee high boots, to clogs, to bowling style shoes to moon boots, to kitten heels, to stilettos, to Doc Martens to Birkenstocks. We have had micro-skirts, to miniskirts to midi skirts, to knee to ankle length, ginormous shoulder pads in the 80’s, and gone from braless in the 60’s to Wonderbra’s in the 90’s. Fashion changes with the season and the years, style remains forever.

Find your unique style, something that feels like your second skin, something that you feel comfortable and maybe adds a little pep to your walk. Gone are the days of matching your handbag to your shoes, gone are having only red or pink shades for your nail colour, now that everything is a possibility you must choose wisely.Every day we have is an opportunity to hone our very own style. Try out different looks, now it is easier than ever without having to commit to owning every piece of clothing we wear via sharing economy sites like Front Row, Rotaro and MyWHQ. And for jewellery lovers, Covett's Vault Subscription, makes it easy to experiment with all types of fine gemstones, diamonds, metals, colours, to elevate your own personal style.  

Streetwear photographer, Sola Onitiri, provides 7 steps to becoming your own style icon.  

An outfit is more than just an ensemble of matching articles of clothing. An outfit is a curated representation of who you are. It’s thematic and filled with nuance or it’s loud and makes a statement. So when you craft your iconic look, think about what you want to convey. Actually, go a step further and think about the words I would use to describe your personal style on this very blog. Head over to my “What’s Your Style?” post for a little inspiration on how people describe their personal style, then come up with your own.

Now that you’ve landed on an aesthetic, it’s now time to get to the nitty gritty. Fashion is all about what you make it. So feel free to slam down flip it and reverse it as much as you want. But don’t forget to buy a few staple pieces that represent your overall aesthetic. For example, If you’re going for an effortlessly-cool girl look you’re going to need a denim jacket and a thrifted Henley. Think of your favorite pieces as the foundation of your iconic style.

As a habitual loser of all things rings, earrings, and bracelets, this step is the one I’m working on the most. Because accessories can make an everyday look 200% more iconic. Think about it this way, if you wore a different scarf every day for the next six months, chances are, you’re going to be known as the person with a wicked scarf collection. Or if scarves are not your speed, think adding one accessory item that will amp up your look. Like a good, colourful pair of glasses.

“Can I pull this off?” Is a question you’ve probably asked yourself while shopping with friends. This question is reserved for those instances where an item is a tincy bit out of your comfort zone; Then the excuses and justifications for not even trying it on get flung about faster than you can put the hanger down. Believe you me, I am totally guilty of this as well, but here’s the thing: You could’ve just put down your next big conversation starter back on the rack. Next time you go shopping, be fearless! Try it on even if it’s bedazzled, has ruffles, and is periwinkle yellow. You don’t have to buy it, but you should at the very least give it a shot. Style icons take risks and you should too.

Yet another tried and true classic shopping question is, “Where am I ever going to wear that?” Well fret not shoppers around the world, I have the answer to this elusive geography-based question and buckle up, because it’s a doozy. Where are you going to wear that? Answer: ANYWHERE YOU WANT. I’m a firm believer in the fact that you can never be too dressed up. However, if that ballgown that you just purchased isn’t “work appropriate” plan to go to an event where you’d wear it.

Once you’ve gotten a foundation look down, switch it up. Variety is the spice to life and fashion. Sticking to the same colors and silhouettes are sure was to slip into a fashion rut. Avoid this by switching your color palette at least every season. Also, nothing shakes things up better than a new pair of shoes which should be bought as often as your wallet can allow.

How To Be Your Own Style Icon
Fashion doesn’t have to be stuffy or intimidating. Like I said earlier, fashion ought to be a reflection of you. So have fun with it! Break a few fashion rules. Wear white all year round, wear crop tops with a formal skirt, wear chunky platform heels on a Tuesday. Go with the grain, go against the grain, and don’t be so hard on yourself. Not looking like an It Girl isn’t a big deal as long as you look like yourself because you are absolutely riveting.

As for accessories, I take it up a notch from Sola.  I believe jewellery is also an essential part of your style. Are you a diamond girl, a colourful sapphire woman, gold, platinum, rose gold, chunky or dainty jewellery lover?

I am a “I love all jewellery” kind of girl, and it depends on my mood, on where I am and specially where I am going.  That's why Covett is so perfect for me. Do I want to wear a pair of show stopping emerald earrings at a red carpet event? Do I need a stunning set of earrings and bracelet for a wedding? Do I just want to pile on some tennis bracelets for an afternoon at Wimbledon? Or do I just want to experiment with my style without having to commit to a particular piece of fine jewellery.  I can have anything I want with Covett, best of all they take care of all the details and I just get to enjoy!

Here are some of my favourite style elevating pieces:

golden heliodor necklace

The Rock Hound

Chromanteq Golden Heliodor Pendant 

pearl earrings

Zeemou Zeng

The Long Eye Earrings

 amethyst earrings

The Rock Hound 
Purple Geode Earrings

Turquoise and Diamond Chandeliers


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