Covett unlocks the ultimate luxury

Covett unlocks the ultimate luxury
With more time than ever spent glued to our screens, and our lives being ruled by our digital timekeepers in our phones, perhaps it’s no surprise that...

...collecting timepieces - these analogue, painstakingly-crafted, beautifully-functional objects of mechanical art - is on the rise, with watch buyers now accounting for 46% of all new auction buyers at Sotheby’s. 

But committing to one luxury timepiece, and the accompanying investment is still a big leap for many. To help ensure that would-be watch collectors can access the beautiful watches they covet, the world’s oldest diamond company, Backes & Strauss, and the innovative jewellery tech platform, Covett have respectively joined forces to enable access to the ultimate luxury: time.

Launched in 2018, Covett is revolutionising the fine jewellery world via shared ownership and subscription. The platform is all about providing access to luxury goods, enabling more people to enjoy more of what they love. Championing conscious consumerism and celebrating tech-enabled ways to achieve abundance, this is a theme we like to call “Covettism,” and we could not be prouder to bring this to Backes & Strauss, the makers of the finest watches as worn by discerning watch and jewellery enthusiasts and collectors around the globe.

The special partnership means that the beautiful timepieces that may have previously been unattainable are now within reach, and those struggling to decide between which watches to adore, now no longer need to choose.

The collaboration launches January 2021 with 14 of Backes & Strauss’s most “Covetted” watches.

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“For us, the partnership with Covett is about celebrating inclusivity in exclusivity, embracing the new to enhance the old, combining online and offline, and bringing the beautiful craftsmanship of our sought-after pieces to new audiences to enjoy.” - Nick Tolfree, Business Development Manager at Backes & Strauss