Covett reimagines ‘A Night at the Opera'

Covett reimagines ‘A Night at the Opera'
On June 26th, three British brands collided for an exclusive virtual jewellery and fashion styling event with a special performance from Soprano Isabel Ricciardi di Gaudesi in celebration of Opera season.  For one evening only, ‘A Night at the Opera’ was reimagined by the Covett Team as they live-streamed from Bentley & Skinner on Picadilly in London. 

Covett asked their audience to immerse themselves in the experience of going to the Opera.  Imagining they were getting ready to attend their favourite Opera and were receiving expert assistance on what jewels to wear with what designer fashion. All they needed to do was sit back and relax with their glass of bubbly or cocktail of choice. 

You too can join us by accessing the recordings of the evening below.

Omar Vaja, Bentley & Skinner’s resident jewellery expert, shared his favourite jewels to wear to the opera, and was joined by Covett’s Elsa Navarrete, sharing collections, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, that she had imagined for the evening.  Join us and find out what spectacular collections were presented.

My Wardrobe HQ’s Founder, Sacha Newell, offered styling advice of opera evening looks based on where the Opera was being held,  and who was in attendance, such as Her Majesty. Learn all about her stylist tips.

Covett’s Founder and CEO, Cynthia Morrow, explains why Covett is the revolutionary way to acquire, own, and love fine jewellery.  Learn how to own and access more of the fine jewellery you covet and visit our page:

Performing an Operatic Aria as beautiful and evocative as the jewels themselves is Spanish soprano, Isabel Ricciardi di Gaudesi.  Experience her breathtaking performance.