This Week's Obsession: Behind the Scenes with More

This Week's Obsession: Behind the Scenes with More

Join Us Behind the Scenes to More's 1st Photoshoot

We're getting ready to spread the word about More Luxury Club and grow our community. As our community grows every member benefits, as the club benefits will expand with the membership.


Yesterday we spent the day styling and shooting over 20 designer bags that are available now or will be in the coming drops.  So don't forget to vote for your favourites. After 7 hours we had over 800 images to bring to our social media, paid social ads and this newsletter.  


Our favourite part of the day was being outside shooting our "Hero Bag" depicting five people sharing the bag.  We think you're going to love it!  One thing we learned is that bags, like people, are not all photogenic.  And while summer totes are all the rage, they can be difficult to bring to life. 


Most photogenic were the Gucci Bamboo, the Lady Dior Red Patent bag, the  

Hermès Rose Texas Mini Evelyne, the Valentino Rockstud and the Bottega Veneta Jodie. 

Our new favourites are the bright and pale pink Hermès Evelynes and the Goyard Coral Aligre Bag- a limited edition. Read on to learn more about Goyard, a historic luxury goods brand, which is new to More. 

Goyard - Welcome to More Luxury Club

We are so pleased to be able to offer Goyard to the club.  Unlike other luxury brands, you won't find them all over your social feed and you can't buy them online.  In fact, they are probably the most mysterious of all luxury goods brands. 

The French brand is regarded as the world’s oldest still-active luxury leather goods and trunk company, with celebrities, musicians and collectors alike all clamoring to get their hands on its monogram-laden accessories.

The centuries-old Goyard was officially founded in 1853 but its roots as The House of Martin date back to 1792 and before, as the Goyard family expanded its logging business prior to moving into the leather industry. In 1834, Goyard opened its historic flagship in Paris, which it retains to this day. 1885 was another landmark year for the maison, wherein Edmond Goyard took over the company from his father and implemented substantial changes.


Most significantly, Edmond Goyard boosted his family label’s cultural cache by cultivating rich, jet-setting clientele and developed the signature Goyardine canvas. A bespoke cotton/linen weave, both that textile and its leather goods famously sport the Goyard monogram. This repeating chevron pattern is perhaps Goyard’s most famous signifier, a repeating letter “Y” created from countless tiny dots. Another highly coveted Goyard touch is the hand-painted monogramming offered at premium prices, further elevating its already expensive wares; bags retail for four figures while trunks may cost upwards of $16,000 USD or more.

Throughout the 20th century, Goyard remained a favorite with celebrities, and many illustrious artists, captains of industry, heads of state or royals have sported its creations. One may imagine the extraordinary -and not so unlikely- encounters that could have taken place at 233, rue Saint-Honoré: Pablo Picasso and Sacha Guitry, the Maharadjah of Kapurthala and Jacques Cartier, the Agnellis and the Rockefellers, the Romanovs and the Grimaldis, Estée Lauder and Barbara Hutton, Mrs. Pompidou and Prince Ali Khan, Coco Chanel and Jeanne Lanvin, Romy Schneider and Sarah Bernhardt, Edith Piaf and Arthur Rubinstein, Cristobal Balenciaga and Cole Porter, or Jeanne Moreau and Lauren Bacall…

Key to the Parisian house’s success is its low-key presence and reputation for exclusivity, both upheld throughout the digital age. When interviewed, a company spokesperson said, “Luxury is a dream, and revealing too much of what goes on behind the scenes would spoil the magic.” We welcome the brand to More. 

Pre-order your share today. 


Goyard Coral Aligre Bag

Retail price £4,315|Share Price £863 

Goyard Artois MM Bag

Retail  price £2,640 | Share Price £581

Love It or 'Hate' It - The Bag Scarf

Scarf history dates back to ancient civilisations like Egypt and China, where Queen Nefertiti and Chinese soldiers wore them. Liberty of London popularised silk scarves post-war, but the luxurious silk scarf was introduced in 1937 by Thierry Hermes.

Hermès Twillies were first introduced in the late 1930s and have been produced in countless designs ever since. The Twillies are silk scarves measuring 32 x 2" are wearable art pieces, feature various designs, including florals, animals, and mythology. It didn't take long for before they became a way to personalise Hermès bags, sparking a global trend. 

Although it was originally intended to be worn around a woman’s hair or neck, fashionistas quickly discovered how to use the Hermès Twilly in a new way. Dressing up and personalizing Hermès bags with these scarves became a trend that took the world by storm.

If you’re wondering how to use an Hermès Twilly with your bag — you’re in for a treat! We’ll start with the basics and how we got here. Then, our Hermès Twilly Guide will take a close look at other options. 

The rolled leather handles of the Birkin and Kelly bags are susceptible to darkening after repeated contact with the oils in your skin and the lotion and perfume on your hands. This can leave your Hermès bag handles looking less than perfect after some wear. But when you tie the silk Hermès Twilly around a leather handle, it’s magic! Twillies are a great way to not only protect your bag’s handles but also showcase your personality and style. Additionally, since Twillies are made of silk, which stays cool even in the warmest months, they will keep your hands comfortable when wrapped around the handles.

Of course, some use the Twilly to dress up their Hermès bag and express their own style, but without covering the handles. Instead, they tie a decorative knot or let the ends swing free. 

The Twilly has become such an iconic Hermès accessory that the French maison released a floral perfume in 2017 called Twilly d’Hermès.

Of course, many found this to be ostentatious or over the top, but the trend has persisted and we have to say we are fans.  So much so, we are thinking of creating our own version of the Twilly.  Let us know your thoughts!  



Hermès Rose Texas Mini Evelyne

Retail Price £3,400|Share Price £680

Purchase a share in a new Hermès Evelyne from More and have plenty of money leftover to invest in multiple Twillies. 

So many exciting things are coming to More Luxury Club, we're so please to have you join us as we co-create the new world of luxury goods.  



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