This Week's Obsession: New Year, New View

This Week's Obsession: New Year, New View

Why do people make New Year's resolutions?  Perhaps we see the change from one year to the next as a good time to reflect on what's been working for us and what hasn't.  Last year we wrote about the top 10 resolutions people make from year to year; they don't seem to change very much.   The theme tends to be to improve oneself, but this year why not resolve to do something that not only helps you but helps others and the planet?  We believe this has to do with adopting more circular ways of living and consuming.  

There are so many ways to embrace a more circular lifestyle, the first step can be as easy as finding out where you can make the most difference given your lifestyle.  

Until now, we have lived with linear production models; in other words, we extract, produce, consume, and discard. But unfortunately, the society in which we live means that the pace of consumption is accelerating, a fast but unsustainable model for the planet. This idea of the ‘circular economy’ is not new. Still, it has gained traction in recent years as many companies and organisations are looking to drive innovation and adopt more sustainable practices.The circular economy aims to establish a more sustainable production and consumption model. It is the next step of our transformation.
There are many benefits associated with the circular economy model, allowing for significant environmental and economic gain.  They are:
circular economy benefits

According to the latest Circularity Gap Report, switching to a circular economy could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 39% and ease pressure on virgin materials by 28%.
There are so many places to make a difference, we'd like to offer that you start by subscribing to a newsletter of an organisation focussed on the circular economy; we suggest visiting the Ellen MacArthur Foundation website to learn more and subscribe.  
Our focus of course is bringing circularity to luxury goods. Our vision is to create the world’s first truly circular luxury platform, introducing a new way for customers to gain access to the luxury goods by offering technology enhanced sharing models. We believe this will reduce overconsumption and therefore reduce overproduction. 
You can see more about our vision and why we believe this is a win/win/win by watching our webinar.  
 circular luxury webinar

We believe that if we make an adjustment to a more conscious consumerism through sharing and circular models, we can continue to have the things we covet, and at the same time reduce overproduction. There are other benefits as well as more people enjoy things they may not have had access to and everyone saves money. 

Here are some of our favourite things to own in a circular way.

Chanel Embellished Mini Flap Bag
Recommended Retail £4,950
Our Share Price £1,089


Picchiotti Xpandable Ruby and Diamond Bracelet 
Recommended Retail £12,000
Our Share Price £2,400


Louis Vuitton On the Go MM Bag
Recommended Retail £2,510
Our Share Price £552


Cartier Full Love Bracelet (pre-loved)
Recommended Retail £12,000
Our Share Price £2,400



Dior Micro Small Book Tote
Recommended Retail £2,250
Our Share Price £495



Nadine Aysoy Catena Multi Stone Pastel Rainbow Bracelet
Recommended Retail £8,990
Our Share Price £1,798


Prada Satin Mini Crystal Bag
Recommended Retail £1,800
Our Share Price £396


Goshwara Multicut Round Sugarloaf Bracelet with Diamonds
Recommended Retail £16,000
Our Share Price £3,200


 Hermès Constance 18cm Mini Bag

Recommended Retail £13,950
Our Share Price £3,069


Backes & Strauss Miss Victoria Emerald Green
Recommended Retail £19,380
Our Share Price £3,876

Resources: 14 Outstanding Benefits to the Circular Economy Model