This Week's Obsession: Emily in Paris

This Week's Obsession: Emily in Paris

We liken Emily in Paris to a good beach read. All fun and frivolity, but in this case with the eye candy of the fashion, jewellery and of course, Paris. What more can you ask for when you just want some mindless fun and live vicariously through our latest American in Paris. It’s pure escapism.

The hijinks of Emily Cooper may have some real life inspiration according to the creator of the show, Darren Star, most notably known for Sex and the City. While the show is not based on a true story, it does borrow a little from Darren Star’s own desire to work and live there and his experiences of getting to know the city, the people, and the culture when he rented an apartment and stayed in Paris for a few months.

He brings out the small quirks in American and French culture without being disrespectful. He wanted to bring out the dreamy experience of an expatriate working in a foreign city. Emily moves from Chicago to Paris when this unexpected opportunity falls into her lap and she finds herself in Paris without adequate preparation and unrealistic expectations. The more complex elements of work culture and personal lives of people have also been highlighted in the show set in the most romantic city- Paris! In his interview with the Los Angeles Times, Star called it “a big romantic comedy on steroids.” 

There are many themes in the show, Star was keen on bringing out was, who defines tastes. Emily’s character who is a marketing executive ends up stepping into the shoes of a social media influencer and brings to limelight the very relatable millennial who challenges the notions of classic and that which has been. She also brings the “outsider’s perspective” to the luxury brands that the marketing firm, Savoir represents. This very well gives her an edge over the others because she comes up with impressive and out of the box ideas for their clients.

The show has a very familiar aesthetic that comes from the way the characters dress. If you can’t pin it down to what it is- it is Patricia Field. She is the costume designer who has worked for The Devil Wears Prada and Sex and the City. As Lilly stated in her interview with Entertainment Weekly, “Anything that Patricia Field touches turns to fashion gold.” This is central to the show because of its setting in Paris, being the epicenter of fashion trends and also the field of work the protagonist is in. 

We were thrilled that one of our first jewellery partners, Nadine Aysoy was asked to have her jewellery featured in season three.  Nadine has had her jewellery on the Covett platform since 2019 and as she has added collection to her line, we've seen more and more interest in her work, especially the Catena and the Petite Tsarina collections; both which has pieces styled on the Emily and Mindy. 

emily in paris wears nadine aysoy jewels


We have put together some fabulous looks; which include these gorgeous pieces, as well as some of our favourite bags.  All available for co-ownership on our site.  The outfits and shoes can be rented from our partner, luxury fashion platform, The Front Row.  



Our version: 

Loewe outfit and luna handbag

Nadine Aysoy Double Stone Long Earrings and Loewe Luna Shoulder Bag from Covett x Front Row. Loewe Mohair-Blend Sweater and Monogram High Rise Jeans available to rent on Front Row.

 Saint Laurent pantsuit and miniaudiere cage


Nadine Aysoy Catena Pear Cut Emerald Necklace and Celeste Tsavorite and Jade Ring paired with YSL Minaudière Cage from Covett x Front Row. Saint Laurent Floral Pantsuit and Christian Louboutin Pigalle Studded Leather Pumps available to rent on Front Row.


 Fendi fendigraphy small handbag


Nadine Aysoy Petite Tsarina Chocker, Earrings and Ring paired with Fendi Fendigraphy Small Bag from Covett x Front Row. 16 Arlington Silver Solaria Dress available to rent on Front Row.

mach & mach crystal pumps


Nadine Aysoy Catena Triple Link Earrings and Bracelet in Rose Gold paired with Judith Leiber Crystal Embellished Clutch from Covett x Front Row. Solace London Elina Mini Dress and Mach & Mach Bow Glittered Pumps available to rent on Front Row.


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