Practicing gratitude

Practicing gratitude
Thanksgiving, an American tradition, was a time of year where families came together, to show he act of being grateful to be strongly associated ...

At Covett we believe in the power of gratitude – not only at Thanksgiving, but always. In positive psychology, studies show the act of being grateful to be strongly associated with greater happiness. This is most likely due to its power to enhance overall positivity, to allow you to fully embrace experiences, provide a restored approach to adversity, and build longer lasting relationships.

Within the Covett team we are always looking at ways in which to build upon our gratitude and thought nothing better than to share these with you. We have found the art of daily journaling to be a practice that not only helps with collecting our thoughts, but one that provides physical justification of such and allows you to revisit the feelings, people and experiences you are grateful for at any time.  

Acts of gratitude can take place in many forms; whether that be journaling itself, note taking, letters of appreciation, saying thank you, volunteering, donating, meditating, praying, a thoughtful gift to a loved one, an act of kindness, or simply a smile.

During such challenging times we believe it is important to get up every day and be grateful. By embracing at least one of these daily practises into your routine, we are sure you will soon experience the benefits. 

Happy Thanksgiving Covettists!