This Week's Obsession: Gucci Cruises London

This Week's Obsession: Gucci Cruises London

It's been 7 years since Gucci showed its Cruise Collection in London

London's Tate Modern museum basement underwent a stunning transformation for one exclusive evening, turning into a verdant paradise that became the most coveted fashion event in the city.

 Gucci, the esteemed Italian fashion house, converted the riverside art museum into a glamorous oasis for its latest cruise collection runway showcase, a breathtaking display of opulent Italian style.

 The runway featured ethereal sheer fabrics effortlessly gliding alongside casual denim and sophisticated daywear, all elevated by the distinctive double-G logo embellishing luxurious leather bags and accessories.

 In the front row, a constellation of stars shone brightly, with actors Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott, music icons Dua Lipa and Solange Knowles, and power couple Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault, the chair and CEO of Kering, Gucci's parent company, all in attendance.

Duality and Contradiction

The vibrant energy of Gucci's cruise collection made a striking entrance into London, a city known for its eclectic mix of styles and influences. The juxtaposition of a fluoro green lace bra peeking out from under a crisp white poplin shirt, a pink duchesse bustier paired with a cascade of green bugle beads in a plaid pattern, and delicate organza daisies contrasting against a rugged black leather donkey jacket created a mesmerising visual feast.  As Tim Blanks of Business of Fashion noted, this show marked the culmination of a trilogy: desirability, sensuality, and now the captivating blend of romance and contradiction. While the romantic aspect may have been elusive, the evident contradiction added depth and intrigue. The clever use of duality, such as combining lilac and mustard hues, showcased the brand's innovative approach to fashion.Gucci's collection truly captured the essence of bold self-expression and fearless experimentation. While many prefer to dress in a way that pairs things that feel  they're meant to be together. In fact, that's how most people style their looks.  Others do like to experiment with putting together items, that feel like a contraction - for these people, this show was definitely a "love it".   According to Vogue, Gucci's New It Bag

Sabato De Sarno, the Creative Director of the renowned Italian heritage brand, has once again unveiled his innovative vision through this exquisite collection. As the audience marvelled at the debut of these refined looks, one item stood out among the rest - a unique cult bag in the making.

Gucci's expertise in crafting iconic pieces is evident in the Blondie bag, a must-have for the new season. Drawing inspiration from 1970s Italy, this leather and toile creation exudes sophistication. Designed to gracefully hang from the shoulder, its logo-embellished style reflects the artistry seen in Gucci's jewellery collection.

Highlighted by actor Daisy Edgar-Jones, this new design is quickly becoming a favorite among London's fashionistas. Paired with a chic brown leather ensemble, the ruby-hued pouch in Gucci's signature Ancora red shade showcases its versatility and timeless appeal.

Whether styled with lace, leather, or floral motifs, the Blondie bag transcends trends and offers endless possibilities. Available for immediate purchase until 26 May through Gucci's exclusive See Now Buy Now initiative, these coveted styles can be found in select stores on Sloane Street and Bond Street in London.If this is definitely your The ONE, tell us and we'll source on immediately. And you'll only pay 20% of the Retail Price...what?

People Often Ask us, "What's the Catch?"

"What's the catch?" or "Sounds too good to be true." We've even had an investor say this to us, until they learned more about the unit economics of co-ownership. 

There's an old adage that if something seems to good to be true, it probably is.  But here's one case where it's NOT too good to be true and it's by design.  Our vision is to make luxury goods more affordable and sustainable - and we found a way to do this by applying a fractional ownership model to luxury goods.  All other classes of luxury goods have had this model applied to it; cars, jets, yachts, holiday homes, even racehorses. Why not personal luxury goods? 

Thus More Luxury Club was born. We chose the name More because this is a model that offers you More for your money and you can have more of what you covet without the impact on the environment. 

Imagine you have been thinking about purchasing a designer handbag, but there are so many to choose from you love.  Here's a great example of how you can buy shares of 5 bags for the price of one. 

We've created a comparison of buying 5 shares to owning 5 bags. For simplicity we priced all the bags the same and we kept the services the same when it would be much more costly if you owned the 5 bags.  This example assumes that that both parties sells in 5 years.

Over the course of 5 years, the co-owner saves £12,959 over owning the bags outright.  Since you can only wear one bag at a time this model is the savvier way to invest in luxury goods. Questions? Want to learn more? What'sApp us or visit our How it Works page. 

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